Smart Nexus et son partenaire Map architecture ont organisé un BIM lunch à Nice lors d'Innovative City pour échanger avec les acteurs BIM de la région.



Nexus' energy background

helps extend the range of

issues we deal with, from

fossil and renewable energy

to the digital transition

and smart cities, which lies

at the crossroads of the

urban challenge and




Innovation defines the knowledge economy. Making sure it resonates and flows between companies and policy makers, advanced and emerging economies, business and universities, central and local institutions, is essential to adapt and create value for the future.




Climate and security are the main exigencies of our time. They are also the two faces of the same coin. Key international sovereign, military and corporate players must think strategically about the mutual implications of those two spheres of global change.

Smart Cities New York 2019


Nexus forum and Global Futures Group develop smart cities new york, NYC's first global show on smart cities, smart builings, and the new urban digitalism.

SCNY's will hold its 3rd edition on



May 13-15, 2019

At SCNY'18 in May 2018 in Manhattan the Southern French Region of Provence Riviera brought local startups in renewable energy, IoT, cybersecurity, and e-tourism who welcome Mayor Benjamin of Columbia (SC), and Mayor Borgen of Oslo, Norway.





Smart Nexus est un cycle de rencontres lancé en 2018 pour réunir les acteurs du foncier intelligent dans les territoires de la région SUD Provence-Alpes- Côte d'Azur pour familiariser les élus aux opportunités des smart cities et smart buildings avec l’avènement de la maquette numérique ou BIM (Building Information Modeling), soutenu par le « plan BIM 2022 ».


Ces sessions visent à accélérer l’essor de projets fonciers de digitalisation urbaine et la diffusion des solutions qui révolutionnent la construction, les bâtiments et leurs usages, l’architecture et l’urbanisme.


L’objectif est de favoriser l’émergence de projets-phares (équipements sportifs, projets résidentiels et de commerce) comme vecteur d’attractivité des métropoles et des territoires en expliquant les enjeux du bâtiment intelligent et en identifiant les besoins des territoires, notamment à l'extérieur des métropoles.

Networking and building bridges


We bring together public and private actors to share views and address key challenges in a globalized economy where creation and innovation are shaping the future of industry and business.


We build bridges between perceptions and analyses among international stakeholders of diverse backgrounds.

We help refine their strategies and how they approach the environment in which they operate.


Talking about U.S. gas and infrastructure in Houston, TX

Reaching out to Congress in Washington D.C.

University, think tank, and the UN discuss

Russian innovation in New York

Two gas majors talking prices

Mutual understanding


We help engage and reach out to build partnerships, and cultivate existing relationships in a friendly setting.


Side talks are desirable opportunities to clarify arguments or do the fine tuning that will seal a deal.


Smart cities and renewable energy in Azerbaijan

Creative thinking


Looking for good advice helps strategizing for future undertakings and assess your own analysis.


We make happen encounterings that change your picture, helping shed a new light on your plans and make you think off the beaten tracks to be better than your competiors. And we

like to do it with style.

With energy and utility ENGIE chairman and CEO Mestrallet at a Russia Nexus session

Nexus provides an agile, independent platform to explore international opportunities for governments, businesses and other actors.


We help make sense of the intercultural exchanges that globalization requires.

Our expertise is to build strategic interfaces and alliances at the international level.

Corporate Communication

Building influence

We help our clients engage in the public debate by bringing together corporate players, partners and institutions, by building networks and stimulating out-of-the-box thinking, and by helping formulate messages that shape your external communication.


Higher Education

Forging alliances

Higher education has become a global market, but many institutions still struggle to adapt their internal culture to competition for students, faculty, and sponsors. We help design and execute actions toward global recognition.

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